Feb 4, 2011

Traditional Iyengar Dahiannam (Curd Rice)

If you want this recipe as low fat, please use 2 % milk, low fat yogurt and low fat sour cream.  In traditional dahi Annam, they won't use jalapenos. But I used  jalapeno , it came out very tasty.
Rice                                       1 cup
Whole milk                              2 cups 
Water                                     1 cup
Sour cream                              1 cup
 Thick Yogurt                            ½ cup
Ginger cut into small pieces        2 tbsp
Green chillies chopped finely       5 no
Jalapenos chopped finely            1 no
Salt                                         to taste
Oil                                         ½ tsp
Mustard seed                           1 tsp
Curry leaves –                          1 stem (chopped finely)
Hing                                        1/8 tsp

  • Wash and clean the rice.
  • Add water and whole milk and pressure cook it for 4 whistles.
  • Take out from rice and smash well and keep aside.
  • Add ginger, jalapenos, green chills and salt into it and mash well.
  • Whisk sour cream and yogurt very well. And add to the rice.
  • Fry all seasonings and add to the rice.
  • Serve with lemon pickle, or  Puli Millaghai.

  • Don't add curd to the hot rice. It will leave water.
  • Before serving the rice, add fruits and veggies to the curd rice and mix it well then serve. 
  • In summer season, add very  little sour cream to the rice. 
  • You can add more milaghai to the seasonings. It will increase the flavor and taste to the curd rice.
  • Always mix the rice with big spoons. Don't use your hands for mixing the rice. It will become too sour.

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