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Jan 1, 2019


Shankarpali is famous Maharashtrian sweet made during Diwali festival. It is rich in carbohydrates, making it an instant source of energy. It has simple recipe and results in scrummy munch sweet snacks that can be prepared in advance and stored for approx 3 weeks.


All Purpose Flour (Maida)         3 cups
Powdered sugar                      1- 1¼ cup
Rava (Semolina)                      1 cup
Oil/Ghee/ Vegetable fat            1/2 cup
Cooking oil                              for deep frying
Cardamom powder                    ½ Tsp.
Salt                                          a pinch.


  • Take a big bowl and add all-purpose flour, rava , powdered sugar,cardamom powder and salt .
  • Now add the melted ghee or oil .Mix into a crumbling mixture with hands.
  • Now knead this crumbling mixture into smooth dough adding water little by little as required.    Keep kneading the dough for about 15 minutes with pressure.
  • Keep this dough covered with damp cloth for 10 min.
  • Divide this dough in 3 large balls. Take one ball, round it smooth, flatten and roll out into large thin (not very thin but thin) circle.
  • Cut rolled out dough into strips vertically, and then again horizontally, making about an inch sized strips. Separate those cuts on a plate.
  • Heat oil in a kadai once the oil is hot add the shankarpali to it ensuring gas is on low flame. Once the shankarpali are nice golden brown remove them. Repeat the same procedure with the remaining of the dough.
  • Once its fried allow them to come to room temperature.
  • Store them into an airtight container. This should last for about 3 weeks,that is if you resist them that long!
  • Enjoy crunchy munchy-soft sweet bites with hot coffee/tea.

Dec 31, 2018

Madappalli's 8th Anniversary

8 year ago today I hit the publish button on My “Madappalli”  I never had an intention of being a blogger .Today marks the Eight year anniversary of My “ Madappalli” Blog .Can you believe that?! I cannot believe Eight years flew so fast. The number of visitors to my blog is constantly increasing and it’s always fun to see where they live.

I really just wanted to say thank you to all of my amazing followers and friends who have been with me on this journey! It has been an exciting journey and without your support it won’t be possible. I hope you all will support me in my journey for further years. Thank you for the Eight  remarkable years of warmth, friendship, and support.

I love statistics, so with this milestone, here are some numbers from the blog.

Total Posts                    521
Total Visitors                651125
Total Page views       2,19,7226

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