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Apr 16, 2013

Shahi Tukda- 300 th Post

This Valentine’s week, I had a craving for some dessert. It reminded me of Shahi Tukda, which I decided to make for dessert. Shahi Tukda includes fried sweet syrupy soaked triangular breads topped with rabdi (rabdi is nothing but milk having sugar and saffron reduced to ¾) and few dry fruits. The dish is similar to “Double ka meetha”,which has its roots in Pakistani cuisine and is a famous dessert in Mughlai cuisine

For shahi tukda
 White Bread slices                     - 4no
Ghee                                          - 2tsp.
For Rabdi
Evaporated milk                              1 tin
2 % Milk (or) whole milk               1 cup
Sugar Free                                   3 tbsp.
Green Cardamom powder                1 tsp.
 Blanched Almonds                         15 no.
Saffron                                         a few strand
Rose drops                                    2 drops
For decoration
Pistachio                                        2 tbsp.
Almond flakes                               2 tbsp.


For Rabdi

  • Soak the almonds in a little hot milk and grind it to a coarsely paste.
  • Take a heavy bottom pan, add evaporated milk, 2%  or whole milk, almond paste, green cardamom powder, saffron and 1 tbsp. of  sugar.
  • Heat a milk till it reduces to one third.
  • Remove and cool aside. Either refrigerate or cool it at room temp
  • Make a sugar syrup(2tbsp of sugar free with 1 tbsp. of water).  Remove from heat and cool adding Rose drops in it.

For Tukda
  •  For the health reasons, first I toasted the bread slices into the toaster. (It will reduce the ghee uses).
  • Cut off the edges of the bread and cut it diagonally into 2 triangles .Heat ghee in a pan and shallow fry bread slices. Remove and allow it to dry .
  • Soak these fried hearts in sugar syrup for 10-15 min to absorb all syrupy sweetness

  • Take a serving platter, put one syrup soaked bread  and top it with other syrup soaked bread slice. Likewise make all Shahi tukdas.
  • Now spread the rabdi mixture on top of it and sprinkle some almonds, pista and saffron strands on top. Cover it and refrigerate
  • Serve chilled.

For Low Fat Version:

  •  Use 2 % milk, low fat  Evaporated milk  & whole wheat bread slices.

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