Mar 14, 2014

Amavasai Thaligai

Amavasai (अमावस्या) means New Moon night in Sanskrit language when there is no moon at night. Amavasya (अमावस्या) is observed as a pious  day .  In old Indian culture and beliefs, irrespective of religions, it is considered a time of great power. In Tamil culture, though, Amavasai is commonly used in religious spheres.
  There is specific Thaligai(cooking) on Amavasya day . On that day recommended vegetables are Bitter gourd, Raw banana, Colocasia (Seppankizhangu),Senai kizhangu, Ladies finger, Snake gourd, avaraikkai,  and White Pumpkin. 'English' vegetables are to be avoided-carrot, cabbage, cauliflower, beetroot etc. On Amavasai days, recommended dhal is  Moong dhal(Pasi paruppu) . In payasam cashew and raisins, are not recommended. Only Jaggery based payasam is allowed ( No sugar based payasams). Only one main meal is taken and at night Palaharam(Actually fruits but nowadays tiffin items) are taken at night.

But festival amavasaya days like Deepavali day, you can use tuvar dhal, and cashewnuts.

Thanks Veda bahenji for your nice guidance.

I would appreciate if someone could improve on the above.

Amavasai Thaligai Menus:

Rice                                                                                 Ghee                                      


          Parruppu                                               Milaghu Kuzhambhu


Killumilagai Sathuamuthu                             Pudalangai Milaghu kootan


Raw Banana Podimas                               Seppankizhangu Karameethu                               


Inji Thuvayal                                                Bitter gourd Fry


Inji Thayir                                                      Vadai


Moong dhal Payasam (For Deepavali)          Plain Yogurt

1 comment:

  1. good information. Why is that a selection of vegetables is acceptable and some are not?


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