Mambazha Pachadi/Mango Pachadi

Pachadi refers to a traditional South Indian side-dish. This Manga Pachadi is prepared on Tamil New Year (April 14th) day at every tamilian’s house. This is typically made with boiled mangoes with ginger, green or red chilies and tempered in oil with mustard seeds, ginger, cocounut, neem leaves .
Ayurveda teaches that all six tastes should be eaten at every meal for us to feel satisfied and to ensure that all major food groups and nutrients are represented. If you want more info please see the link
This Pachadi is a representative 6 tastes – Salty – (Salt), Sweet(Jaggery), Sour (Tamarind), Bitter (Neem leaves), Hot     (Red chilies), Astring (Mango)
Life is composed of Ups and Downs and Victory and Defeat, Happiness and Sorrow. These are the ingredients with 6 tastes.

Slightly Ripe mango                  1 no
Grated ginger                           1 tbsp.
Turmeric powder                     ¼ tsp.
Tamarind                                    a  small marble size
Grated Jaggery                        2 tbsp
Salt                                             a pinch 
Coconut oil (or)Ghee        2tsp.
Mustard seeds               1tsp
Cumin seeds                ¼ tsp.
Curry leaves                     1 stem
Red chilies                        4 no.
Neem leaves                     1 tsbp.
Grated coconut                 1 tsp.

  • Wash the mango and cut into medium size thin pieces.
  • Soak tamarind into hot water, and extract juice.
  • Add mango pieces, ginger, turmeric powder, salt and little water into the tamarind juice and cook well.
  • Now add jaggery and Simmer until the jaggery smell is lost.
  • Remove from the fire, let it cool
  • Heat ghee / oil and add seasonings, fry it.
  • Now add the seasons to the mango Pachadi. Mix it well & remove from the heat.
  • Enjoy a tasty and healthy mango Pachadi. 


  • If the mango is too sour, reduce the quantity of tamarind juice
  • If the mango is too sweet, reduce the quantity of jaggery.