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Mar 16, 2016

463: Brown Rice Bisi BeLe Bath- Version 2

Bisi BeLe Bath is a signature dish from Karnataka.  Few years back I already posted Bisi Bele Bath recipe in this blog. Today I am going to post the Brown Rice Bisi Bele Bath here. This is a wholesome one pot meal. It has protein from the lentils, carbohydrates from the brown rice, vitamins and minerals from the vegetables. It will grace the taste buds to the last spoonful.


Bisi Bela Bath Powder
Cooked Brown Rice              2 cups.
Tovar Dal/ Spit Pigeon Pea   1/4 cup
Chenna dal                         ¼ cup
Water                                 1 cup - 1 12/ cup
Coconut milk                       ¼ cup (optional)
Bisi Bele Bath Powder       2-3 Tbsps.
Mixed Vegetables                 2 cups
Big Potato                           1 no. (chopped)
Tomatoes                            2  no.  
Turmeric Powder                  ¼ Tsp.
Tamarind                            Lemon size (Soaked in water)
Sugar or Jaggery powder      1 Tsp. 
Salt                                    as per Taste
Coriander leaves                  For decoration
Coconut oil   / Ghee             1 Tbsp.
Mustard & jeera                   1 Tbsp.
Red chilies                          5 no.
Hing                                   1Tsp
Broken Cashew nuts            1 Tbsp. (Optional)
Curry leaves                        few


  • Chop all the vegetables. Heat a pan with one-tablespoon oil. To that add tomatoes, all chopped vegetables sauté them for 5 mins. Switch off heat & allow it to cool. (Sautéing the veggies enhances the taste).
  • Soak the Tamarind in hot water and extract the juice and keep aside.
  • Now pressure-cook Toor dal & Chenna dal for 2 whistles. Open the pressure cooker; add sautéed vegetables, turmeric powder, Bisi Bele bath powder, tamarind water, , sugar and salt. Mix them well & taste it for the flavors.
  • Now slowly mix the cooked rice to the gravy. If necessary add another 1cups water & bring it boil. Keep stirring in between; else the mixture will stick to the bottom. Allow it cook on low heat for 10mins.   Boil well so that rice absorbs spices well. Switch off heat.  

For the Tempering:
  •  Heat ghee/oil in a small kadai. When the oil is hot, add mustard seeds  jeera & Hing powder. After they crackle, add small cashew pieces  Sauté on low flame till they are slight brown. Switch off and add curry leaves.
  • Pour the tempering over the piping hot Bisi Bele Bath. Decorate with coriander leaves , cover immediately to preserve the aroma.
  • Bisi bele bath is ready to serve .Serve it hot drizzled with ghee, chips and  Veg Raita on the sides.

  • In this recipe I used frozen vegetables , green beans, and Potatoes. You can add any vegetables to this recipe and make Bisi Bela Anna.
  • In Ekadasi days, you can replace rice with Poha/ Broken Wheat/ Oats/ Millets. 

Bisi Bela Bath 
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