Mango Lassi

Lassie originated in Punjab, in the northern region of India, and in their most traditional form, are a savory drink — yogurt thinned with a little water and seasoned with salt and other spices. But there are many sweet, fruit-based lassi flavorings, mango being the most common. Using thick yogurt, like Greek yogurt or the Indian-style Dahi, makes the lassi richer — if you’re using regular yogurt, try blending just the yogurt with the mango, and adding milk only if necessary to thin out the lassi.
Mango Lassi is the perfect cooler on a hot day. You can add extra sweetness to it (if you like) with sugar or honey. If you're making it for kids and want to avoid the sugar, use unsweetened fruit juice or pulp.
Flavored lassi in different colors is served for breakfast near Dadar railway station, Mumbai. Its so yummy.

Mango Peeled, Chopped                    1 cup
 Greek Yogurt                                  2 cups
Cold Milk   or coconut milk               ½ cup
Sugar  or Agave syrup                      2tsp                                          
Cardamon powder                            1/4 tsp   .
Vanilla Essence (Optional )                 ¼ tsp.        
 Chopped Dry fruits     (optional)         2 tbsp.
  • Blend all the ingredients together (except dry fruits) with crushed ice until smooth.
  • Serve Chilled with dry fruits on top.

  •  You can substitute the mango with papaya or very ripe banana to make papaya lassi or banana lassi every day.