Feb 17, 2013

Rumali Roti

A chef preparing Rumali roti.
Rumali Roti is a thin bread popular in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and northern part of India.. A large thin roti folded like a handkerchief or roomal, from which it get its name.  The roti is extremely thin. The roti is usually made with a combination of whole and white wheat flours and best cooked on top of an inverted Indian griddle (kadai).

All-purpose flour (Maida)            1 cup
Whole wheat flour                       1 cup
Oil                                               1 tbsp.
Salt                                          to taste
Water                                       for kneading                 
  • Take a mixing bowl and add Atta , Maida and salt. Make very soft dough like smooth elastic dough. Spray oil on it and cover and set aside for one hour in an airtight container.
  • Knead again and, make small balls of the dough and roll it like thin Chapatti of about 12 inches diameter circle. ( roti should be almost translucent ).

  • The dough should be rolled to a paper thin thickness (whatever practically can be achieved), You can use a little dry  rice flour to help you rolling it.
  • The griddle (tawa) is to be kept inverted, convex side up, on the heat.
  • Place the Rumali roti carefully over it and cook till done. Once the roti is placed the cooking takes seconds to complete because the roti is very thin.
  • Rumali roti is served folded in half and then quarter.
  • Serve with Dhal,Paneer Tikka Masala

  • You can cook it over the tawa .The tawa should be in very hot. Place the Rumali roti carefully over it and cook till they puff up . Fold it like a handkerchief.
  • Though best had hot, in case it is to be served later the rotis should be steamed or the container placed in an oven on medium heat for 5-minutes.


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