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May 21, 2014

Low Fat Dal Maharani

Dal Maharani is delicacy from Punjab, and filled with rich proteins and fiber. Traditionally this dal was cooked on low flame, for hours, on charcoal. This gave it a creamier texture. It had malai (cream) or fresh butter added to it. Cooking the dal in tomato purée adds a little sharpness to this dish and also enriches it with folic acid and vitamin A. Surprisingly simple to make an instant reminder of hot Tandoori Rotis and Parathas!.
Whole Urad Daal (Black gram lentils)  1 cup
Rajma                                                ½ cup
Water                                                as required
Ginger finely sliced                             1 Tbsp.
Green chilies                                      3 nos
Organic Tomato puree                        2 cups
Sugar                                                 1 Tsp.
Garam masala powder                       1 Tsp.
Red chili powder                                 1 Tsp.
Salt                                                    To taste
For Tampering
Oil                                                     1 Tsp.
Shahi Zeera (black cumin seeds)        1 Tbsp. 
Kathuri methi                                    1 Tsp.    

Finishing Touch
Fat Free cream                                 2 Tbsp.

For Decoration:
Lemon, cut into wedges
Fresh coriander leaves finely chopped  2 Tbsp.

Cooking Directions
  • Wash and soak both lentils in water for about 8 hours or overnight.
  • To the daal, add water, 1 tbsp of salt and ginger . cook until daal becomes tender.
  • In a heavy  pan, heat the oil , add shahi zeera, kasuthri methi and green chilies.
  • When they begin to splutter, add tomato puree, remaining salt, chili powder,sugar and garam masala power. Stir fry over high flame, till the oil separates.
  • Finally add all the cooked lentils and mix properly and bring to boil. The consistency should be such that the dal should move around freely when stirred, otherwise add a little water.
  • Simmer it lightly until it’s get cooked completely for about 20 to 25 minutes. 
  • Stir in cream and once it gets heated through, Garnish it with finely chopped fresh green coriander leaves.
  • It’s ready to serve hot low fat Daal maharani with pulkas, chapattis and kulchas.
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