Jul 1, 2015

437: Aloo Simla Mirch Masala/Potato Capsicum Masala

 Potato capsicum masala is a very simple recipe and quite easy to make. In this recipe potatoes and capsicum are sauted together with the spices like chili powder, Curry powder & Snafu powder. It tastes best when it is hot and can be served with naan, roties and rice.


 Big Potatoes                             4 no.
 Big Capsicum                            1 no.
Tomato                                      1 no.
Curry Powder                              1 tsp.
Chili Powder                                 1 tsp.
Snafu powder                               1/4 tsp.
Turmeric Powder                           ¼ tsp.
Salt                                               to taste

For Seasoning
 Oil                                                1 tbsp.
Cumin seeds                                   ½ tsp.
Asafetida                                        a pinch.


  • Boil potatoes in a pressure cooker. Cut into medium size cubes. Remove skins and keep aside.
  • Chop the capsicum and tomatoes and keep aside.
  • Heat oil in cast iron, add all seasonings, when cumin seed crackles add the chopped capsicum and fry for few minute.
  • Now add potatoes, masalas and salt. Mix well and cook till potatoes becomes tender and all the moisture evaporates. Stir in between.
  • After five minutes add tomatoes and cook until tomatoes becomes tender and mixed well with capsicum and potatoes.
  • Serve with Rice and Chapatti.

  • This can be used to prepare chapatti Roll. Take a chapatti  put 2 tbsp of this masala and roll it  and serve.
  • This is very good as Lunch box  & Travel menu..


  1. Amazing! Not to mention I can't believe I've been following your blog for such a long time.

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  2. The pics are awesome and really makes to crave for it. Very Tempting one. I've bookmarked it def gonna try this week.
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  3. Most people do not like to eat capsicum or we can say that, most of the people avoid having capsicum. It is suggested to add potatoes (boiled) but if you cook it normally without adding potatoes its taste will be much better.


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