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Dec 6, 2013

Quinoa Adai

Quinoa is a fantastic grain—high in protein, gluten-free, and a great source of fiber. Quinoa has become very popular these days due to its health benefits. I already posted Quinoa Uppuma, Quinoa Bisi Bela Bath recipes. Here you go the Nutritious and healthy adai.  This is the perfect food for weight loss, because of its low fat content and high fiber and protein.

Parboiled rice            ¼ cup

Brown rice                 ¼ cup
Quinoa                      ½ cup
Split Green peas         ¼ cup

Tuvar dal                   ¼ cup
Chenna dal                 1/8 cup
Moong dal                  1 tbsp.
Red chilies                  10 no.
Grated ginger              2 tbsp.
Asafetida (Hing)          1 tsp.
Curry leaves                few
Salt                           to taste.
Oil                           2 tbsp ( For making adai)


  • Soak rice , dhals ,quinoa and red chilies together for 5 hours.
  • Drain it and grind it with ginger, red chilies, curry leaves, Hing and salt together.
  • Grind it slightly coarsely.
  • Now adai batter is ready. You don’t have to ferment the batter.
  • Heat the griddle and pour 2 ladle of batter and spread in a circular motion.
  • Spread 1 tsp. of oil around the adai and cook both sides.
  • Serve with Sāmbhar and Chutney.
Note : My other Adai Recipes are Keerai AdaiAdai


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