Chettinadu Curry Powder

Chettinadu cuisine is so famous for its freshly grounded masala powders. This spicy powder can be used to making poriyal, vegetable dry subjis and Masala Gravies.

Dry coconut                                  ¼ cup
Coriander seeds                             2 tbsp.
Badayeki Chilies                           10 no
Black Pepper                                 1 tbsp.                               
Fennel Seeds   (Sombhu)                2 tbsp.
Chutney Dhal                                2 tbsp.
Urdh dhal                                     1 tbsp.
Cardamons                                   4 no.
Poppy Seeds                                 1 tbsp.


  • Heat the pan dry fry all above ingredients till they turn into golden brown color.
  • Put all them into a coffee mixer and grind it together very nice powder.
  • Store it into an airtight glass jar.
  • Use this powder for poriyal and vegetable subjis. It will give fantastic aroma to the vegetables.
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