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Feb 18, 2014

Garam Masala Powder

Garam Masala is the most important spice blend in North Indian Cuisine. Adding a little pinch of masala at the end of the cooking , adds more flavor to the dish.
I always prepare Garam masala at home . Home made Garam masala being fresh smells far better than store bought. You can store this powder for few month.

Green Cardamons             25 no
Black Cardamons              3 nos
Cloves                             10 nos
Cinnamon                        6 no
Black peppercorns             2 tbsp
Ground ginger powder        1tsp.
Coriander seeds                2 tbsp.
Nutmeg                            1/8
mace flakes                      1 tsp.
Bay leaves                        2 no.
Star Anise                        1 no
Fennel seeds                    1 tbsp.

  • Clean and mix all ingredients
  • Preheat the oven to 300 F. Put all the ingredients (expect ginger powder)into the baking sheet and roast until the spices become very fragrant.
  • Put the roasted spices & ginger powder in a spice grinder and grind to a fine powder,
  •  Store in an airtight bottle up to 3 months.

Garam Masala , Masala Powder

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