Pickle Powder

February 26, 2014 Sadhana Padmanabhan 5 Comments

Pickles are very famous in India. Pickle powder makes everything taste better. Pickle making is very fast and very easy. Use this Magic mix of multiple spices, to make a highly appetizing and mouthwatering pickle.

Colorful Red chilies              40 no.
Fenugreek                          ¼ cup
Mustard seeds                     ½ tsp.
Asafoetida powder               2 tbsp.
Fennel seeds (optional)        1 tbsp.
Turmeric powder                   1 tsp.
Dry ginger powder                 1 tsp.
Sugar                                  1 tbsp.
Salt                                    1 tbsp.
Oil                                     ½ tsp.

  • Heat the oil in a pan, roast the red chilies. Keep aside.
  • Dry fry the fennel seeds and keep aside.
  • Dry fry the mustard seeds   and keep aside.
  • Dry fry  the fenugreek seeds and keep aside.
  • Mix all the roasted ingredients.
  • Grind them coarsely with salt, dry ginger powder,sugar and turmeric powder.
  • Store it in the air tight container.
  • Pickle powder is ready to make any pickles
How to use this: 
  • Heat the oil,add mustard seeds, hing, chili flakes. Let it cool down a bit till it comes to warm temperature
  • For 1 cup of chopped vegetable,approx.,you will need 3 tbsp of pickle powder.
  • Add the Pickle masala into the cooled oil and mix it well. 
  • Add,this oil masala into the chopped pickle vegetables and mix it well,
  • If you want more spicy & salty, you can add red chilli powder, salt  to the pickle
  • Keep aside for 3 days, and your tasty pickle is ready.
  • Pickle powder is used to prepare  cranberry pickle,fresh green mango pickle, lemon pickle, goose berry pickle, green chilly pickle and so on.