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Feb 26, 2014

Pickle Powder

Pickles are very famous in India. Pickle powder makes everything taste better. Pickle making is very fast and very easy. Use this Magic mix of multiple spices, to make a highly appetizing and mouthwatering pickle.

Colorful Red chilies              40 no.
Fenugreek                          ¼ cup
Mustard seeds                     ½ tsp.
Asafoetida powder               2 tbsp.
Fennel seeds (optional)        1 tbsp.
Turmeric powder                   1 tsp.
Dry ginger powder                 1 tsp.
Sugar                                  1 tbsp.
Salt                                    1 tbsp.
Oil                                     ½ tsp.

  • Heat the oil in a pan, roast the red chilies. Keep aside.
  • Dry fry the fennel seeds and keep aside.
  • Dry fry the mustard seeds   and keep aside.
  • Dry fry  the fenugreek seeds and keep aside.
  • Mix all the roasted ingredients.
  • Grind them coarsely with salt, dry ginger powder,sugar and turmeric powder.
  • Store it in the air tight container.
  • Pickle powder is ready to make any pickles
How to use this: 
  • Heat the oil,add mustard seeds, hing, chili flakes. Let it cool down a bit till it comes to warm temperature
  • For 1 cup of chopped vegetable,approx.,you will need 3 tbsp of pickle powder.
  • Add the Pickle masala into the cooled oil and mix it well. 
  • Add,this oil masala into the chopped pickle vegetables and mix it well,
  • If you want more spicy & salty, you can add red chilli powder, salt  to the pickle
  • Keep aside for 3 days, and your tasty pickle is ready.
  • Pickle powder is used to prepare  cranberry pickle,fresh green mango pickle, lemon pickle, goose berry pickle, green chilly pickle and so on.


    1. Very flavourful powder. Thanks for sharing.

    2. thanks for sharing the pickle masala, looks really nice.

    3. A note about how to use the 'Pickle Powder' will be helpful for those who are not familiar with the process.

      1. Thanks for the questions. Please see my updated recipe. Please take a look and let me know


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