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Apr 5, 2014

Avakkai Pickle/ Andhra Style Spicy Mango Hot

Mango is the most important fruit of India and is known as “King of fruits”. India occupies top position among mango growing countries of the world and produces 40.48% of the total world mango production.Mango is grown almost in all the states of India.  See more details on

Preparing pickles seasonally is wise on two counts: Economy & Taste.
A traditional method of making mango pickle, which can be preserved for a longer period. This will go well with rice, especially curd rice.

Pickling Basics
  • Wash, clean and dry the bottles or jars (in advance at least 24 hours)
  • Avoid use of wet hands or spoons, while transferring pickles into small containers, as moisture leads to fungal growth.
  • Always use clean dry spoons for taking out pickles from the jar.
  • Wipe bottles from the inside with a cloth dipped in hot salted oil preferably before storing pickles to keep the pickle fungus free.


Medium size Raw Mangoes        13 No (matured, soar and even sized mangoes)
Mustard powder                        350 gms
Colorful Red chili powder           350gms
 Rock Salt                                 325 gms

Asafetida powder                       ½ tsp.
Fenugreek seeds                       50gms
Husked Gingely Oil                    2 cups


  • Generally oil is used without heating. Some prefer to heat and use,. Allow the heated oil to cool completely before using.
  • Wash the mango thoroughly and clean with dry cloth .
  • Cut the mangoes into 1 inch pieces and dry it out for a day. ( It will helps the pickle last longer).
  • Sun dry the all other ingredients.
  • Cut them into pieces of 1 ½ inch . Ensure that all pieces have shell attached to them. Otherwise the pieces become soft too fast.
  • Mix the mustard seed powder, red chili powder, salt and fenugreek seeds and asafetida together in a small bowl.
  • Add one cup of oil and mix to a consistency that can be held in a first.
  • Sprinkle the mango pieces also with a little oil.
  • Coat the mango pieces gently with the Masala. As each mango piece is wet with oil, the Masala sticks to it easily.
  • Transfer these masala coated mango pieces to the jar and spread them evenly.
  • Repeat the process till the mix and mango pieces are over.
  • Towards the end if a little mix remains it can be added on top.
  • Pour oil over the pickle and cover the jar with a lid.
  • Tie a near thick cloth over it and store it.
  • Mix it well on the third day . Taste it and if required salt may be added at this stage.
  • You can start having it after 2 weeks. It last for 1 year.


  • Choose only the tree plucked mangoes.
  • Make sure to keep ready a jars or containers with proper lid , clean and dry.
  • Mangoes must be cleaned and dried properly.
  • At least ½’’ to 1’’ oil should be floating above the pickle
  • Separate the pieces that do not have shell attached to them and prepare that pickle separately.
  • You can add whole chick peas into the pickle .


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