Vangi Bath Powder

Homemade Vangi Bath powder being fresh smells far better than store bought. You can store this powder for few months. One of my Karnataka friend Kokila Mami gave this recipe. Thanks Mami.
Learn how to make Vangi Bath powder at home. If you find this Vangi Bath powder recipe is useful then please share with your friends.

Urad dal                        ¼ cup
Channa dal                      ¼ cup
Dry coconut                     ¾ cup
Byadige Red chillies         10 nos.       (Gives nice red color)
Red chilies                       8 no.
Cinnamon stick                1 no.
Cloves                             5 no.
Star anise                        1 no.
Coriander seeds              3 tbsp.
Tamarind                        a small key lemon size
Oil /ghee                         1 tsp.


  • Roast the above items separately using a little ghee to golden brown finally when you turn off the stove.
  • Just warm the coriander seeds and grated dry coconut for few minutes in the same pan.
  • Fry the tamarind in a oil and keep aside.
  • Grind all the roasted ingredients with a pinch of salt and tamarind to a coarse powder.
  • This can be stored in a air-tight container for about 2-3 months. You can refrigerate for longer time. Use it in the recipe as required.
Suggested Veggies
  • Eggplant, carrots. Peas. Potatoes  AND Bell pepper if you like colors choose different colors. 
  • When mixing with rice use lime juice to your taste and depending on the amount some ghee to the final preparation. 
Bon appetite