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Jul 10, 2014

Manathakkali Vathal Kuzhambhu

Manathakkali is a green leafy vegetable commonly available in South Indian homes. It is a wonder plant thanks to its tiny juicy berry. The name itself is attributed to the berries in the form of beads. Its botanical name is Solanum nigrum. It is called ‘Black Night Shade’ in English & ’Makoy’ in Hindi. . Manathakkali Vathal (Sour gravy made with sun dried veggies) is rich in vitamins and has got a lot of medicinal values like curing stomach ailments, mouth ulcers, and liver disorders. This dish is served mainly with rice ,pappad and Dangar Pachadi.(See the link)

Tamarind                                                       A small Lemon Size
Hot water                                                      2 cups
Manathakkali Vathal                                       2 Tbsp.
Finely chopped Tomato                                   2 Tbsp.
Sambhar Powder/Vatralkuzhambu powder       2 Tbsp.
Red chili powder                                            ½ Tsp.
Grated Ginger                                                1 Tsp.
Jaggery powder                                              1/2 Tsp.
Ghee                                                              ½ Tsp.
Salt                                                               To Taste.
For Seasoning
Gingely oil ( Idhayam Nallennai)                     2 Tbsp.
Mustard seeds                                               1 Tsp.
Fenugreek seeds                                           ½ Tsp.
Red chilies                                                     2 no.
Chenna dhal                                                  1 Tbsp.
Peanuts                                                         1 Tsp.
Urdh dhal                                                       1 Tsp.
Asafetida powder                                            ½ Tsp.
Curry leaves                                                    few          

  • Soak the tamarind in the 2 cups of hot water for 15 minutes. Extract the tamarind pulp.
  • In a heavy bottom kadai, heat the oil and add mustard seeds. When mustard seeds start splattering, add all other seasonings. Fry till golden brown.
  • Now add the Manathakkali Vathal and roast it for few more minutes.
  • Reduce the stove heat, now add the sambhar powder, turmeric powder, chili powder, grated ginger and chopped tomato fry for few a minutes.
  • Now add the tamarind water, jaggery powder and salt in it .
  • Cover and cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes or until the oil separates from the gravy
  • But keep checking to avoid the masala sticking to the bottom of the pan
  • Add ½ tsp of ghee in the end and switch off the stove
  • Serve hot with plain rice, Pappad and Danger Pachadi.

  • If the vatral Kuzhambhu consistency is too thin, a spoon of rice flour added with a little water should thicken it up.
  • You can use more fried curry leaves in the End.

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