Paneer Capsicum Fry

Want to eat some light food but want Paneer too…?? Treat your tongue with this Paneer capsicum Masala recipe. I am sure it will tickle your taste bud.

For Paneer
Paneer                                    1 pound (450 Gms)
Corn flour                                2 tbsp.
Rice flour                                 1 tbsp.
Red chili powder                      ½ tsp.
Salt                                        1 pinch
Red color                                 a pinch.
Sugar                                      ½ tsp.
Water                                      a little
Oil                                           for frying   
Big Red capsicum                     ½ no
Big Green capsicum                   ½ no
Big Orange capsicum                 ½ no
Yellow capsicum                       ½ no
Big tomatoes                           2 no.
Jalapeno                                 1 no.
Grated ginger                        1 tbsp.
Kashmir Red chili powder        1 tbsp.
Dhania Powder                      1 tbsp.
Turmeric powder                     ¼ tsp.
For Tempering 
Oil                                        1 tsp.
Cumin seed                           ½ tsp.
Fennel seed                           ½ tsp.
Curry leaves                           few

For the Paneer

  • Cut the Paneer as medium size cubes.
  • Take a big bowl, add Paneer cubes, add corn flour, rice flour, chili powder, red color, a pinch of salt and little water. Mix well.
  • Heat oil in a kadai; fry the Paneer cubes in golden color. Keep aside.

For the vegetable masala

  • Cut all the capsicums into medium size pieces.
  • Chop the tomato into small size pieces.
  • Heat the oil in a kadai; add all tempering, fry for a second.
  • Now add the grated ginger and jalapenos, fry for a second.
  • Then add the chopped tomatoes and a pinch of salt and fry for 2 minutes.
  • Reduce the stove heat into low.
  • Now add all masala powders and fry till the raw smells goes away .
  • Then add the chopped all capsicums into it and fry for 5 minutes.
  • Now add the fried Paneer cubes into it and mix it well.
  • Add salt and sugar in it and fry for few more minutes in low flame.
  • Switch off the stove and transfer the Paneer capsicum fries into serving dish.
  • Now Paneer capsicum fry is ready to serve.
  • Serve hot with Steaming rice, Pulka, Naan, Kashmiri Pulao

  • I like this dish to be very spicy. So adjust the spice level according to your taste.
  • If the dish turns out too spicy, add   little lemon juice.
  • I compeletely made this into south indian version. If you want to make this like North Indian version, just add garam masala, and cream .