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Dec 18, 2011

Among the months - I am Margazhi"

Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita: Among the twelve months in a year, I am Margazhi. “mAsAnAm mArgasirso ‘ham” [Chapter 10 Slokam 35]

Brhat-sama tatha samnam Gayatri chandasam aham
Masanam marga-sirso ’ham rtunam kusumakarah

The most beautiful month in the Tamizh calendar! Lord Krishna says that he is the month of Margazhi from which one can imagine the beauty and sanctity of this month. The holy star Mrigaseersha combined with the Pournami thithi is the birth of the great Margazhi month. Among the 12 Tamil months, Margazhi brings the spring season.
Sriman Narayanan is called with various thiru Naamams. 12 ThiruNammas - (Kesava,Narayana  etc)  are considered very special. And these 12 thiru Naamams denotes 12 Tamil months. Out of these 12 thiru Naamams, Kesavan is considered to be the greatest and divine Naamam and this Naamam - Kesavan is related to the Margazhi month. This also explains the greatness of Margazhi month.

On all the thirty days of this month, Thiruppavai Pasurams will be rendered in the early morning in all temples and houses. Adhyayana Utsavam for 21 days (10+10+1) will also be held during this month by rendering holy scriptures (Four thousand Divya Prabhandam Pasurams) at 108 Divya Desam including Sri Rangam and many other Vaishnava Sthalams). The month is also of great significance in the SrIrangam Sri Ranganatha Temple. Apart from the Vaikunta Ekadasi, the SrIrangam temple during the month witnesses the Pagal pathu and Rapathu –  chanting of 4000 Divya Prapadham

Pavai Nombu, also known as Margazhi Nonbu, is observed in Tamil Nadu during Margazhi masam or Margali month. It is said that Andal performed Pavai Nonbu to merge with Sri Ranganatha (Lord Vishnu).
The Pavai Nonbu observed as per the Thiruppavai verses illustrates the desire of the jeevatma to merge with the paramatma. All the austerities performed in this regard are part of the sharanagati performed by Andal to Lord Ranganatha. Andal's thirty songs contain the cardinal principles of Vaishnava dharma during the month of Margazhi. Vaishnavas sing these songs to bring peace, prosperity and Divine Grace.
The first five stanzas provide an introduction to the main theme, its principle and purpose. According to Andal one should give up luxuries during this season. Sincere prayers to the God would bring abundant rain and thus prosperity. Offering Lord Krishna fresh flowers would expiate sins committed earlier and those that may be committed in future.

In the next ten stanzas she describes the importance of community participation. She invites her friends to gather flowers. She essays the ambience at her village, the chirping of birds, colorful blossoms, the musical sound of butter-churning, herds of cattle with tinkling bells, the sounding of the conch from the temple.
She visits each household and awakens all her friends to join her for a bath in a nearby pond. She also praises the incarnations of the Lord. The next five stanzas describe her visit to the temple accompanied by her friends. She desires to render Suprabhata gently to wake up the Lord. The group appeases the temple guards, enters the temple and recites prayers extolling the parents of Lord Krishna and begging them to wake up Krishna and Balarama. Then they approach Neela Devi, the consort of the Lord, to have a Darshan.

The last nine stanzas are on the glories of the Lord. On receiving his blessings Andal lists her demands; milk for the vrata, white conch, lamps, flowers, and rich costume and jewellery, plenty of ghee and butter. The concluding stanza is an envoi identifying her as the daughter of Vishnucittar who made this garland of 30 pasurams and says those who recite with devotion will have Lord’s blessings.

This Margazhi month has another specialty also. This month is considered and should be considered as the divine and highly spiritual month because in all the other months, there are lots of festivals and happy occasions fall. The main reason why there are no festivals in this month is mainly because of mind and soul should completely think only towards the Perumal and this is the only month in which all the 30 days should be dedication towards the Perumal. This is the main reason why no festivals are done during thing month, as this month is highly sacred and divine.

There is also a scientific meaning, which explains the greatness of the Margazhi month. During this month, the ozone layer will be lowered a little bit and because of this, any disease will reduce and gives a healthy body. 

Margazhi Bhajanai & Unjavrithi

Margazhi is known for its bhajanai early morning and people also do unjavrithi. People go in groups singing in praise of God.

The Tamil Margali Masam, or Margazhi Month, is the month of Bhakti and Music. Elders and music lovers also visit to the Sabhas in the evening to   listen music, attend dance programmers and other cultural activities throughout Margazhi. This month is familiarly known as Margazhi Maha Festival.

All in all, Margazhi is a lively month right from temples early morning to the kutcheris late evening!


Margazhi is known for lovely kolams. People decorate the entrance of their homes with decorative kolams and rangolis

Margazhi  Prasadam Recipes are:
Prasadam for Thiruppavai days  source (

VennPongal                                                    Sarkarai Pongal
                                                                                       12,16,18,23,24,29th days)
(All 30 days Prasadam)


Dahi Annam                                                         Akkaraadisal
(16,24,27,28,29th days Prasadam)               (Kudarai  Pasuram)


Akkaraadisal 2                                               Puliyodharai
(Kudarai Pasuram)                                         (  7,16,27,29th days)


Appam                                                     Unniappam
(30th day Prasadam)                                   (30th day Prasadam)



  1. Nice article extolling the importance of Margazhi.
    May the Lord bless you.

    That was a very nice narrative on Margazhi.
    It was a double treat for the ears and stomach. Happy Karthigai.


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